Is your Granny cool enough for a Kindle ~ Kindle low as $69 shipped FREE to your door

1 kindleI was traveling back from an event a few weeks ago and I totally got a kick out of the conversation between the two people next to me on the plane.  They were strangers, both of them older but they were talking about “young kids and their fancy technology”. They talked about how young kids these days do not know to say hello and talk to another human, unless they can use their fingers to say type hello.  I smiled, and let them chatter on about the good ole days when people knew how to communicate.  They talked about emails, cell phones, iPads, computers and Kindles.

The highlight of the conversation was when one of them said, “My grandkids thought THIS Granny was cool enough for a Kindle, and bought me the fool things for Christmas.  I just let it sit in the box for a long time, then they showed me how to use it. I feel like a trader to old folks like ourselves.  But I really love it, this technology thing ain’t half bad”.  At that point I busted a gut laughing, she was too funny.

SO….. Is your Granny cool enough for a Kindle? Might be something to think about for Christmas gift this year, they start low as $69.00.  What do you think… would she go for it?

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  1. Does this have internet access? I know my kids like to play games so I was wondering if the $69 Kindle will do that for them???

  2. When you click the link, look on the left hand side. You will see the regular Kindle (not paperwhite) still $69. It’s in the bar right above ‘All-New Kindle Paperwhite’. 🙂

  3. I don’t see the $69 price…is there a link other than the one above (that didn’t lead me to the $69)??

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