@Kenmore under my tree please ~ #Holidayhosting event #testedtales

Welcome gift at Kenmore summit in Chicago

Ingard here, I was invited to the Kenmore Live Lab located in Chicago. It was fun to learn different products put out by Kenmore and also about the thoughtfulness behind the Kenmore brand products.
At Kenmore they are constantly thinking of how you the consumer are affected by their products.
I was greatly impressed by the dishwasher that gets your dishes clean even without the effort of the pre-washing of dishes. Just load and wash those dishes with the 360° jets and does all of this with one of the quietest performances on the market.

I was struck with how ‘sexy’ this refrigerator was too. Maybe it is the LCD lights that gives the beautiful blue color that seems to pour throughout! The bottom freezer seemed really great too with the 3 layers of shifting drawers too and hinging out door too.

Kari @ Kenmore with the bad hostess gifts

Kenmore and Kari Karch placed us in groups and give us a 30 minutes Iron Chef like challenge with ‘Hostess Gifts’ like boxed Franzia boxed wine, a large tin of butter cookies, the cheese platter and the best of all the Fruitcake.

Ironchef competition

I was in group 3 with the Franzia wine and a Kenmore blender, sadly we did not win the challenge. Group 2 won with fruitcake stuffing and the indoor grill of all things!

Kenmore blogger summit 2013

It was great to spend several hours with a great bunch of fellow bloggers.

The last event was a game of Yankee gift exchange.

Kenmore is sending me a gift of a Kenmore Stainless Steel/Silicone Garlic Press, the perfect gift as I have been heard to say that the more garlic there is in my food the better it is.

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Dis-closer:  I recently attended an all-expenses paid meeting at Kenmore Live Lab in Chicago, all opinions are my own.