Kids Craft DIY Balloon Barrettes

DIY Balloon Barrettes by Tiffany

 Our neighbor’s granddaughter came over with a multi color – smaller version ( as hers was done with water balloons) in her hair. I immediately knew I would be making these for our daughter & her friends. Our lil’ Honey’s birthday is this month – so I wanted to make one for her with birthday balloons. Just for fun I found a tie dye color balloon and made one of these as well – more for everyday wear. 🙂 These make for a very inexpensive birthday gift for the sweet little girls in your life. You will need a set of extra hands – the hubs helped me out – but the end result is super cute! Have fun!


 Supplies needed

  • balloons, your desired sizes and colors
  • barrette clips, large or small depending on the child’s hair thickness.


Select four balloons, alternate the direction of the balloons. Open the barrette and wrap the fifth balloon around the selected balloons. Tie a knot around the balloons, knot should be on top of the barrette. Repeat until finished.


The first knot tied will be on the end of the clip. Slip the remainder balloons through the open part of the clip to tie the knots (see arrow above.) Finish by tying another knot at the end of the clip.

On the groovy barrette I used  (26) 4 inch/10.1 cm tie dye color water balloons.

On the birthday barrette  I used (16) 9 inch/22.8 cm neon assorted balloons and (4) 12 inch/30.4 cm birthday balloons to tie the knots at the top.


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  1. I have a child severely allergic to peanuts, so I always have to tamp my anxiety down when I see families posting recipes with peanut butter…. I remind myself that not everyone lives with this, so I need to temper my reactiveness. If we constantly react to things that are not an actual threat to our well-being, people are less likely to take us serious when there is an actual threat — I call it the “eye-roll syndrome” — I subscribe to the “pick your battles” rule of keeping my kid safe.

  2. this can be easily done with ribbon or fabric and just as cute. 
    i’ve done both.

  3. looks very pretty but I’m severely allergic to Latex so just looking at it, is making me feel breathless.

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