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kids say such silly things

One of my favorite things on Facebook is when my friends share funny things their kids say or do.  The innocents and imagination of a small child is sure to make you smile. SO I have decided to start a new daily post called KIDS SAY SUCH SILLY THINGS now this is something I have posted on before.  But it was always me sharing what my kids say…. now I want to open it up to you.  I invite YOU to tell me the silly things your kids say.  Each day we will pick one to share on our site and even on Facebook, at the end of each week we will see which post got the most comments and that person will win a FREE 1 Month XBOX Live Gold Membership.

  • If you have a cute story to share leave it on THIS POST, share as many as you like
  • Please do not use first names (instead say my 4 year old, or son)
  • Please comment and share each day on the ones that make you smile
  • Each day we will post a new story selected from the comments left on this post, we might not be able to share everyone’s stories. So we will pick our favorites as time permits.
  • A winner will be selected once a week for the person who has the most comments on this post
  • Once you submit your story to this post, you are giving A Thrifty Mom the right to share your story

Example of how to share your story! 

My two girls ages 4 and 7 are dressed in their leotards and tights.  Playing dance studio as they practice their dance routine.  As my 7 year old teaches her little sister all the proper words that a dancer should know.  Feeling very beautiful  they dance  around the house like butterflies on flowers.

As they stop for a short break I hear my 4 year old talking to her little brother…

4 year old:  Did you see my pretty dance, I’ms a real dancer… see my “Lady-Tard”

2 year old brother: Grunts in acknowledgement

4 year old: It is a beautiful pink “Lady-Tard” but since I’m just a wittle (little) gwirl (girl) I call it a “Girlie-Tard” cause I’ms not a lady yet.

As I listen I just about choke on the water I am drinking, because I am laughing so hard. I try to then explain… it is a LEOtard… not a LADYtard.  But I am pretty sure from now on in our house we will remember it as a LadyTard :)


  1. When I was younger, we were going to a toy store and my mum stepped in some poo, so, when we went home and told my sister, mum said “While we were there, we stepped in some s**t”, and, totally forgetting that I wasn’t allowed to swear, yelled; “YEAH! SHE STEPPED IN SOME S**T!!!!!”. Had the whole family dying with laughter, and – better yet, – it was in the garden that I yelled it, so all of the neighbours heard…


  2. My dog had torn apart a soft vinyl football stuffed with cotton. My 3 year old upon noticing the puffs of white throughout the yard exclaimed, “Look, the clouds fell down!”

  3. Conversation with my 3-year-old daughter:
    Her:  Mommy, feel my fingers.
    Me: (feeling her fingers)  Are they cold?
    Her: No
    Me:  (pause)  Are they wet?
    Her: No
    Me:  What are they?
    Her:  Fingers!

  4. It’s been another long, dismal winter in Minnesota.  This week, however, the sun was shining for a couple days and gave us hope that spring will actually come again.  My 4 year old, however, wasn’t quite as enthused when I went into his room one morning to wake him for preschool.  The sun was streaming in his windows as I said “It’s time to get up for school!”.  He sat up, covered his eyes and said, “Turn out that light, it’s way too bright!”

  5. My 4 year old nephew said to my husband you better practice of you wont get no doughnuts! LOL hes been practicing writing his name and had doughnuts at his moms house so she must have  bribed him lol.

  6. My husband just had hernia surgery and my 3 yr old son said how did the dr get in Daddys belly? I told him he had to cut an opening to get in to fix things and he said did he see all the popsicles in Daddys belly. Daddy eats a lot of popsicles LOL

  7. I asked my 4 yr old son for a kiss and he informed me that he could only kiss me on the cheek not the lips. I asked him why he couldn’t kiss me on the lips and he said cause then we would have to get married and I was already married to daddy! A few nights later while giving goodnight kisses he momentarily forgot about our conversation days earlier and kissed me on the lips. As soon as he did he remembered and covered his mouth and the look on his face was priceless. I told him we would have to get married now and he was devastated. I didn’t know whether to be offended or proud.

  8. Please keep in mind the 3 year old I am writing about replaces her F’s and V’s with an S! she is not able to say F and S. so Friend is Srend and Valerie is Salerie!
    My neighbor had a candle party and as us neighbors do, I go over early to help her set up before the other guests arrived. My neighbor had some candles lit in the living room and asked if I could help her with the snacks in the kitchen. My neighbor excused herself to use the restroom and her 3 year old daughter ran into the kitchen and with a panicked look, asked where her mommy was. I said “hi sweetie, she will be right back, she is in the restroom’ and smiled. The 3 year old said “Oh no! the slowers in the lisingbroom are sire!” Not knowing she about her  little language, I then replied calmly with an “ Ok, when mommy comes out I will let her know!” As my neighbor came out I told her how cute her 3 year old was and what she had told me! Needles to say my neighbor panicked and asked me WHAT FLOWERS ORE ON FIRE? I was soooo confused and replied with a HUH? My neighbor ran into the living room and I followed, we found the 3 yr old watering down the fire (2 little dry flowers) and then my neighbor chuckled and said, I’m so sorry, you didn’t understand my daughter! She was telling you that “ the Flowers in the liVing room are in Fire” we both chuckled and the 3 year old replied with a “You big people think Sires is Sunny?” I’m not going to your party with your Srends”!!!!

  9. My 4 yr old daughter calls elevators “alligators”!  One day, a while back, when we were in the mall, she wanted to ride the “alligator” upstairs!  It took me a minute to figure out that she actually meant the elevator!  So now alligator is what we call it!  HA!  SO cute!!  🙂

  10. My three year old daughter was in the backseat of the car when I said, “Do you want to do a craft project when we get home?”  She responded, indignantly, “Mom, I don’t DO CRAP projects!!!” I think I need to watch my language!

  11. At church, during a silent time in the meeting, my 3 year old son noticed a bad smell and to point it out to everyone said very loudly “I smell something and it is something brown.”

  12. A conversation with my daughter, age 7. 
    “Mom–Are the cats going to loose their baby teeth?”
    Me: “No, they’re grown up, they lost their baby teeth when they were babies.” “If they’re grown up, why do they still live here?”Me: “They are our pets. They live here. We can’t exactly turn them into the wild. I think they’d starve.””They’d hunt a yummy deer or something I think.” Me: “Our couch potato cats would team up and hunt a deer?” “Yes, deer have some yummy meat. They would race and get one.”

  13. nanato3
    My 5 year old grandaughter was telling me how much her cousin, Wyatt loved Boise State football.  “I don’t like Boise State.  “Why not?” I asked.  “Because I’m a girl so I like Girlsy State football”.

  14. my 6yr old is a talker one day I asked him that for 5 mins. if he could stop talking, he told me “that’s what god made kids for, so they can talk”

  15. Conversation I had with my 3 yr old little boy while driving.
    3 yr old: Mom, what’s that smell?!
    me: looks like there’s a dead skunk on the road
    3yr old: What’s it dead for?
    me: a car hit it
    3 yr old: No, I think it was a pickup. Ya, a pickup killed the skunk. And the skunk was praying.
    me: What was it praying for?
    3 yr old: He was praying the pickup wouldn’t hit him. But the pickup was trying to kill the skunk and ran him over anyway.

  16. For Christmas I always ask my daughters what is the one thing they want the most so they can ask Santa for it. As they got older the requests got more expensive. Last year I told them please don’t ask for an iPad because it cost too much money. The older one look at me and said: ” don’t worry, I’m sure Santa has a credit card”. I couldn’t help it but laugh. At the end we agreed they would save up their money to help Santa so he wouldn’t have to max out his credit card buying their IPads. I figured this would encourage them to take care of their new toy with some equity on it.

    • My 4 yr old thinks Santa has elves that can endlessly make things!  “They have a toy maker machine and can make more toys!”  Alrighty, then!  There is an endless supply of toys!  This is after I told her that Santa brings a few things, but has to spread the toys all over the world!  So silly and cute!!  🙂

  17. We were at the park with grandma. My daughter right away made a best friend and off she went. Our exhausted and thirsty girl brought her buddy with to grab a juice box. Grandma asked is she was going to introduce her little black friend. Her face scrunched up confused “But grandma…he’s green!”She was right, as he was garbed in Packer gear.

  18. My 4 year old came home from preschool one day and told me that a little girl in his class was his girlfriend and he was her boyfriend. I asked him what being boyfriend and girlfriend meant and he answered: “I don’t know. She just says do this, and I say ok.”

  19. I had three children in 4 years. To earn a living I was and am an Avon representative. As with all Mothers I was very tired and was putting them all in car seats and baby seats, buckling and snapping. I put my things and myself in the car and reached to you crank it . My 4 year old son screamed wait you can’t crank the car! I looked up in the rear view mirror and saw he was very serious. I said what’s wrong? Thinking he had forgotten an important toy. He looked at me and said “you don’t have your lipstick on!” I took out my lipstick and made a big deal of putting it on! After getting his aproval, I asked if he thought the car would crank now? I got a deffinent YES! I cranked the car and we were on our way!

  20. I member walking through the store with my 5 yr old going passed bras, she looks and asks me out of no where if I needed a sling shot. I said um….no?! Those are for boys to play with (not knowing what she was talking about) so she says to me, well yours are much bigger than a boys they have like blueberries and yours well more like melons, I don’t think boys wear those but you defiantly need one. Now knowing she is talking about a bra, I ask her so your sling shot is referring to a bra? No she says a sling shot its called a sling shot. As I try to explain its called a bra she then continues to ask me why the underwear (thongs) are missing so much so instead of explaining I tell her she will learn. So at check out she tells the lady at the register she needs to tell the manager they have mice, and they are eating the underwear!!!!! I laughed so hard I just didn’t know what to say….I eventually asked why rays are sling shots go figure “sponge bob” told her on one of his shows!

  21. You know how you have no privacy when you have kids. Anyways, when my daughter was little she was in the bathroom with me. It was that time of the month. She asked, “Mommy do you have an owie on your booty?” I died laughing and said, ” No Honey”.

  22. A poem by my 7 year old.
    Marshmallows cannot fly.
    I cannot fly.
    Therefore, I must be a marshmallow.

  23. My 8 year old son asks me if google knows everything, I say it knows a lot but not everything, he asks does it know where my socks are? I’m like I am pretty sure it doesn’t know that. I am watching a video when he asks me if I am going to ask google. I get done and go ask google, where are my socks? OK, this is too funny you all got to go ask and hit the first option (and the second) that comes up. Had us cracking up!

  24. My 8 year old son, John, asks me if google knows everything, I say it knows a lot but not everything, he asks does it know where my socks are? I’m like I am pretty sure it doesn’t know that. I am watching a video when he asks me if I am going to ask google. I get done and go ask google, where are my socks? OK, this is too funny you all got to go ask and hit the first option (and the second) that comes up. Had us cracking up!

  25. My 2 1/2 year old little girl was singing a song.  She was whispering it so I asked her to sing a little louder.  She took her little hand and touched her cheek and said “Let me turn it up”  I laughed so hard!

  26. My youngest son 3 at the time came into the house cover from head to toe in mud. I loked at him and told him to get in the tub right now look at how dity you are. He turns and looks at me and says ” God made dirt dirt don’t hurt. All I could do was laugh. Same son a few years old. I wal in the bathroom and he is brushing his teeth but makeing a ugly face while doing it. I ask him what he was doing and he said ” washing my mouth out with soap I said an ugly word. LOL. Last but not to be forgotten. My neighbors call and say do you know our son is ouside naked.  I rush out side andthre he is getting out of his little pool butt naked. I told why did he get in the pool naked. He said I didn’t want to get my clothes wet.  Now this son is 18 and he can still make me laugh at some of the things he says and does.  I always told him if he wasn’t s cute I would have to kill him and he always say I’m the baby gotta love me : )

  27. my husband and i came downstairs to the smell of cookies baking. we went into the kitchen where my son was sweeping the floor with my 2 year old grandson holding the dust pan. my husband, thinking of the cookies, asked “what did you make?” and my grandson said “a mess!” it was too true!

  28. While I’m getting dressed, my 5 year old granddaughter asks me, “do you let Papa see you like that?” I said, “yes, we are married.” She says, “well Grandma, you are kinda fat!” Gotta love her!

  29. We were working on making a small garden and teaching our 4 year old daughter how things grow. One day we got her a happy meal with a cheeseburger. We were talking about what she wanted to grow in our garden and without hesitation she told us she wanted to save her seeds from the bun of her cheeseburger and grow a cheeseburger tree! Kids sure do have a great imagination!

  30. A few years ago one of our sons, about 4 at the time, came running into the room crying that his brothers were teasing him and it was making him mad. I told him “You just need to ignore it.  The more you yell, the more they tease.  They are just trying to get your goat.”  At this point my son turned and started running back to his brothers…and I about died laughing when I heard him screaming “GIVE ME BACK MY GOAT!”

    • @TanyaBeckelRedfield i bet he thought I didnt know i had a goat and Im going to get it!

  31. I asked my 4 year old son to pick up his toys. He said “aww man, is it mothers day already?” Glad to know that’s the only day he thinks he needs to pick up after himself!

  32. My grandson was riding in the car with me to go to ocean. When he said grandma do you now how you can tell if a shark is in the water? I said how. He said when you hear da dum da dum( sounds from the Jaws Movie ) you better run and get out.

  33. 2 years ago before christmas break, I ask my 6 year old (she’s 8 now) if she has a teacher aide (teacher assistance) since I’m making christmas gift basket for her teacher. Her reply: ” My teacher doesn’t have aids!”
    That moment my husband and I burst out laughing while she’s staring at us like crazy asking what’s so funny.

  34. When my son was around a year and a half, he was sitting at the table eating a peanut butter sandwich and drinking a glass of milk. I was walking around doing various things, and in one pass past the table, I noticed that he had dumped the remainder of his sandwich into his glass of milk. I asked him what his sandwich was doing in his milk, and he looked into the glass and replied, “Getting wet.”

  35. My 3 yr. old son said, “Mommy, I let the puppy inside because she was woofin’ at the back door.” I just had to giggle!

  36. My 3 year old seemed a little down and after I asked her what was wrong, she said that she wanted to go home. I reassured her that we were already home and her response was, “yeah, I know Mommy. But Daddy isn’t here.” I love that conversation because it reminds that home, is in fact, where the heart is 🙂

  37. My daughter, who just turned 3 in January, talks very well but I was still caught off guard when she came and said, “Mom I want to make a photo collage.”  And she really knew what it was!  She wanted to put a bunch of pictures on a paper together.  I honestly have know idea where she learns these things but it always makes me laugh when big words come out of such a little thing.

  38. My son was about five when he accompanied me to an ATM machine, and he asked me, “Do those things have any cents in them?” I thought it was funny meaning either sense or cents!

  39. I told my son (about age 3) and my husband good bye as I was leaving for a baby shower.  My son asked when I would be back.  I told him I would be back when the shower was over.  He said, “okay, see you when the baby is clean.”

  40. my four year old daughter did not make to the bath room in time she yells out the bathroom mommy!! my panties peed on me

  41. We had chicken wings for dinner last night. Tonight I asked Taeya if she wanted leftover chicken or tortellini that was in the fridge. She needed to think about it for a little while. A short time later she came back and said, “I guess I’ll eat the flies.” I thought I misheard her and said, “You want to eat FLIES for dinner?” She said, “Yeah, I’ll eat the flies” and she waved her arms up and down at the same time. At that point, I realized she was trying to tell me she wanted the wings. Last night, while eating the chicken we explained that they were the part that made the bird fly-the wings. She obviously remembered the “fly” part!

  42. When my son was around 3 or 4, my best friend would take him and his twin brother on errands with her.  They would go to the drug store, the post office and the bank.  At the bank, he would always get a lollipop.  Well, he kept wanting more and more lollipops, as kids do and my friend said “Hey I think you’re addicted to lollipops!.  Well he replied, no I am adopted to lollipops.

  43. My best friend just had a baby. And my four year old started advasking questions. He wanted to know how the baby got in there and why it slept all the time… as the questions went on he stopped looked at me and said “how did her mommy put the babies clothes on in her belly?” So I say “no babies are born naked” he looks at me slaps his knee and says “oh mom u are so silly. Tell for real how did she get clothes on in there” all I could do was laugh and say I am serious babies are bone naked. He just rolled his eyes and walked away shaking his head lol

  44. One night, as I was tucking her in bed, my seven-year-old newly adopted daughter was noticing I was putting on weight  in our first few months with her.  Concerned that we were going to have a baby and not want her anymore (how sad!) she asked me:
    “Are you gonna have a baby, ’cause you’re gettin’ fat.”  
    I said “no, I’m just gettin’ fat.”  
    She said “If you’re not havin’ a baby, does that mean you got your boobs tied? ‘Cause my birthmom had six babies and then finally went and got her boobs tied.”  
    I wasn’t about to get into the birds, bees and um, boobs, at bedtime, so I told her, no, that’s not what it means, I didn’t have anything “tied” and we’ll talk about it later.
    The next day we were at my friend’s baby shower.  She waddled in 9.3 months pregnant–ready to pop–and my new daughter stood on a chair, pointed over the minister’s wife and shouted “THAT LADY DEFINITELY DIDN’T GET HER BOOBS TIED.”  
    I could have died. Right there.
    We call these kid funnies “popsicle bones” at our house, and I’ve been documenting them on my blog at (moving them over slowly, but surely from another retiring blog). They’re called popsicle bones because our other daughter, who had VERY LITTLE English at age three (she’s from Ethiopia) had asked her grandma for another popsicle because she ate the first one “to the bones”

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