Did you know babies are born NAKED ~ KIDS SAY SUCH SILLY THINGS

baby born nakedPhoto Creidt

Thanks to Quinn Corbin  for today’s story…

My best friend just had a baby. And my four year old started asking questions. He wanted to know how the baby got in there and why it slept all the time… as the questions went on he stopped looked at me and said “how did her mommy put the babies clothes on in her belly?” So I say “no babies are born naked” he looks at me slaps his knee and says “oh mom u are so silly. Tell for real how did she get clothes on in there” all I could do was laugh and say I am serious babies are bone naked. He just rolled his eyes and walked away shaking his head lol

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  1. thats funny, cause I am pregnant and my daughter said to me last night is the baby born naked or wearing a diaper, I said yeah I put the diaper on her in my belly she laughed and she said so naked huh.

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