I guess I’ll eat the flies ~ KIDS SAY SUCH SILLY THINGS

kermit eating fliesPhoto Credit Kermit On Tour 

Thanks to PMCamp for today’s story…

We had chicken wings for dinner last night. Tonight I asked My Daughter if she wanted leftover chicken or tortellini that was in the fridge. She needed to think about it for a little while. A short time later she came back and said, “I guess I’ll eat the flies.”

I thought I misheard her and said, “You want to eat FLIES for dinner?” She said, “Yeah, I’ll eat the flies” and she waved her arms up and down at the same time. At that point, I realized she was trying to tell me she wanted the wings. Last night, while eating the chicken we explained that they were the part that made the bird fly-the wings. She obviously remembered the “fly” part!

kids say such silly things

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  1. @jules4, my daughter calls escalators “alligators.” (She’s the one who said the fly comment above). 
    Tonight at dinner, she gave me another good one to write down. She said, “Mom, did you know that chicken comes from fish?” I said, “Oh really.” She replied, “Sometimes.” 
    Seriously. Our kids say the funniest things!!

  2. That is way too cute!!  My 4 yr old is always saying funny things like that!  She calls elevators “alligators”!  HA!

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