Letters to Santa – Day 6

This Christmas I hope you can sit back and enjoy some old letters (around 1900)  from my (Matt)  distant relatives that came from France and settled in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Read more of Letters to Santa

“Dear Santa please bring my brother Earl a drum and a pair of mittens and a horn a story book and a pair of rubber boots 8 and half sizes a rubber ball a wagon and a hat a coat and candy and nuts good bye Earl Barrand”

“Dear Santa bring my sister a pair of shoes No. 4 a rubber, doll, candy, nuts Angeline Barrand”

“Dear Santa pleas bring my little brother a little engine a little track for it to run on a key to wind it up and a little tent, candy, nuts, thats all good bye Santa. Ralph Barrand”

I hope we can all rethink what we have and don’t have this Christmas, and think of the past and the little they asked for. They didn’t count the number of presents, or how big, or even if the other kids would envy them. Most of these letters to Santa would simply enjoy some candy and nuts, knowing they weren’t forgotten. Even though its Christmas eve, what can you do for someone else that might just want some shoes that don’t have holes in them, or maybe just want a meal on the table?

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