Letters to Santa – Day Five

“Dear Santa please bring me a doll and two story books and a little set of dishes a table a little skillet and some candy and nuts good bye Santa Alma Barrand”

Letters to Santa Alma BarrandYou can tell little Alma is on her way to hosting the worlds best little tea party… books to read dolls to listen and the dishes and table all ready!
I did a relationship calculator in my genealogy software and here is how I am related to: Allissa (Alma) L. Barrand(born about 1900) and Matt (me) Barrand are 1st cousins 3 times removed. Their common ancestors are Francis (Frank) Thomas Barrand and Mary Celestine Pauline Perriquey.

This Christmas I hope you can sit back and enjoy some old letters (around 1900)  from my  distant relatives that came from France and settled in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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