Miss us Monday?

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Well have you ever felt like this?

So yesterday (Monday… technically its still Monday to me all though its 1:52am on Tuesday) – it’s Matt by the way…

So yesterday or today whatever its late.. I was trying to develop a chat system on our site for all to use and build our Thrifty Mom community, when something happened in the code on my server (the internet computer that stores our site info) Something happened and it glitched and took down our site. Mainly because chat boxes take up lots of memory and the server was a tiny one. Anyways mid day BOOM.. down it went. I was on and off the phone with tech support, emailing them what seemed like every 5 minutes up until about 1:45 am… then finally TA-DA we are back.

Why was it down for so long…. I UPGRADED!!! Argghhh more server, more memory tons of speed, and tons of ability for growth! And I mean a ton more of it all. SO hopefully soon you will see more changes, a better site, more things you want, and easy of use!

So if you happened to walk by our house you might of seen both Sarah and I sitting like this in our chairs side by side.

First we had nothing to do – because our server was down and could do nothing online with our site.

Second we were so frustrated it was down at the beginning of our busiest days of the week.

And Third – we just got back from the Blissdom conference and we are both so drained…

So never fear – A Thrifty Mom is here..still – whatever – good night everyone!

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