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Am I  good Mom?  Or the question asked more often, was I a good Mom today?  I love my little ones with all my heart, they are the center of my world and I adore them in every way!  That being said some days, being a Mom is flat out hard!  I am being pulled in 20 different directions all at once, no matter what I do it is not good enough.  I clean only to have 4 little tornadoes come along behind me and undo what I just did.  They are sassy, loud, don’t listen, sticky, dressed in their underwear even though I have asked to put  their clothes on 500 times, fighting over the same toy….and just “creepy”.

Are you shocked to hear those words come out of my mouth?  Have I had a mental break down?  Nope….. I am just normal, and any Mom has her days that are hard.  Does not  matter how perfect your little ones are, or how much we love them….we all have days that test our limits.  That is the beauty of it all, they are KIDS they are going to do crazy things, say silly things and make a mess ( some days more than others).

I had a reader stop me in the store the other day and almost in tears, tell me she was failing as a Mom.  She felt overwhelmed, under appreciated, over worked and wished she could have a perfect life like me.  I busted out in a big smile….why would  she think I had a perfect life?  Had she not seen all my photos of my children, covered in marker or mud.  Giving themselves hair cuts, pouring out cereal…. you know most Wordless Wednesday topics.  She told me that she knew  my family was not perfect, but I just seemed to be able to handle things so well. I was flattered that she would think such a thing, but assured her that she was a good Mom and what she sees of my life is just a gimps. And I too struggle with all the tasks of being a Mom.

I have a good friend , who in my eyes does seem to be the perfect Mom ( infact she got Idaho Mother of the year a few years back)  anyway she seemed perfect.  Her children are well mannered, kind, smart and  talented.  She always speaks to them kindly and seems to know what to say to defuse the situation.  One day we were playing at the park, one of her kids was being difficult and I watched her parent with firmness yet kindness and love.  Her child was still being difficult, yet she kept at it and soon came to a peaceful resolution.  It was awful for me to think….. but I was happy to see her kids could be stinkers too. After it was all said and done I  saw her grit her teeth a bit and take a deep breath.   I told her I was just not born with that personality, I could not always stay so level headed and be calm.  She then told me neither did she….she was born with a temper and because of that has to choose how to act.  It did not come naturally, but it was a daily choice.

I was totally shocked to hear her say that.  If you read my Mommy Moments link at the top, you know I have a daily reminder of what a gift my children are.  I love being a Mom, but on those days that I want to give up…. and I feel like I am going to loose it.  I try to  remember that I have a choice, I can control what kind of Mom I am going to be.  I wish I could say I always choose the correct path or know just what to say…but I don’t.  But the beauty of being a Mom is that we all have a choice.  And we today, and have tomorrow to better ourselves.  And please know that we all have our moments (good and bad)!  But that is  just it, they are only a moment in time, which means a you can get through it!

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