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Most of you did not know that I spent the last 3 days in Utah.  If you have been reading my blog very long you know that our oldest son Matthew was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (which means he is missing half his heart).  Matthew needed to have a few teeth pulled to make room in his mouth…a rather routine dental procedure.  But with Matthew nothing is routine, and he is high risk so we had to go all the way to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City Utah for a specialist in cardiac anesthesia.  This will be the 15th time he has gone under for a procedure, so nothing new.  And this time it was for something  rather simple.. but each time I am worried sick about my little boy!


Matthew on the other hand, has been through this so many times he acts like it is a walk in the park.  Showing wisdom, courage, and strength beyond his years.  In pre -op while I was filling out paperwork he was making craft projects with another little girl also getting ready for surgery.


He happily blew bubbles as  he had his pre-op appointment from the Doctor.  As she was talking to him, she said that when he woke up from surgery he could have a slushy to eat.  Matthew replied, is it going to be a pink slushy….. because that is a “girl” color and I don’t like girl colors.


Daddy helping him get “suited up for battle”


Matthew and Daddy having a man to man talk about what is about to happen, and Matthew making sure he gets to watch the Wiggles when he wakes up. ( This has been a tradition since he was little)


Matthew  smelling his “root beer air”, as he listens to the anesthesiologist tell him what is about to happen.


Then the anesthesiologist asked if he was ready for surgery?  Little Matthew said sure, hopped off Daddy’s lap and my little boy walked with confidence to the O.R…..As I watched him and walked behind him I wanted to snatch him up and carry him, as I have  always  done in the past.  I felt like I was watching my little soldier march into battle, my heart breaking yet  so proud… my baby boy is growing up!


He climbed right on to the operating table, and as he held Dads hand, drifted off to sleep.

Then comes the hard part…waiting for the Dr to say everything went well and that he is all done.


We feel so blessed, everything went well and as planned.


We stayed in recovery with him, he was in some pain and needed lots of comfort, but did really well!


Waiting to go home….


They asked him if he wanted to ride a wheel chair out, and he said…No, I have my Dad.  And in Daddy’s arms he walked out, knowing everything was going to be OK.


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