Mommy Moments – Knitting with Grandma

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Last week we went on a little road trip and my Mom came along.  I kind of chuckled as I was loading my Moms bags into the car and I saw her bag of yarn.  My Mom can NOT sit and do nothing…she always has to be crafting, drawing, working on family history, telling the kids a story….. or something to keep her busy.  Some may sit back and just relax on a 5 hour road trip, not my mom…in that time she whipped out a couple pair of adorable baby booties.


The next morning as I was busy getting ready for the day.  I came down stairs to see my little girls on the couch with Grandma, and she was teaching them the  first steps in learning to crochet.


They were both able to make a simple crochet, looped bracelet and wore it with pride.


I remember learning this from my Mom about 25 years ago.  I was never very good at it, I made a few (less than square blankets), scarfs, hats and booties.  But I sure had fun making them, and am glad my Mom took the time to teach me.  As my girls get older I will have to make sure I continue the tradition.


Aren’t these the cutest little booties you have ever seen!

IMG_6062My Mom does have an Esty page if any of you are looking for one of a kind, Christmas gifts!  Feel free to check out all her cute stuff.  Love you Mom, thanks for all you do for me!

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