Mommy Moments – Truck repairs

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Well this week is more of a Daddy Moment. It’s Matt, and the other day I was home alone with Maveric. I turned on a truck show where they fix trucks and talk about new parts to add. Well Little Maveric became so in tuned to the show that I didn’t even know what he was doing. I looked down at him and realized what he was doing.

Truck Repair

Little Maveric had seen on the show that they had raised their truck so they could work under the truck.

DIY - Truck repair

He had tipped his truck up on end and got out all of his tools to complete the needed repairs.

Do It Yourself Truck Repair

With the repairs complete using all of his tools, little Maveric was so happy with his work!

Always remember that the little ones, even so young, watch and do everything you do and watch on TV as well.

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