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Well Sarah has been gone for two days. I have been home managing the house with all four kids. And have had company (old friends) from out of town. It has been quite the week. Sarah had a coupon class first of the week, which left the house ransacked. We try and let Sarah focus on the class and make all of her preparations, but with that the house goes hay wired as I try and keep the kids busy. Then she had to pack for her trip with her girlfriends. Well the house really had been hit by a storm and things were dirty and all over…really dirty! So I stayed up real late Thursday after the kids went to bed, cleaning. And then the next morning,as soon as the two oldest were on the bus, off Maleeya, Maveric and I ran off to the store to get some shopping done. We need a few extra things for dinner, and then some slip covers for our old raggedy couches.

Once we got home the mental apron went on and off I went. It was non stop for 5-6 hours as I hustled around cleaning the house top to bottom. The spare bedroom had to be totally cleaned and organized for a mattress. Matthews room had to be totally cleaned and new sheets. The bathrooms all needed to be totally cleaned, and kitchen was a total mess. All while doing this I had to get Sarah’s Dr. Pepper Pork tacos done.

Some how every thing got done, the guest came, and we relaxed. We spent the night talking and enjoying old times and talking about genealogy. That night our server went down, I had to stay up getting the site back online. I got to bed about 12:30 am, then Matthew woke up with leg pain, so off to get some tylenol. Next at 2:30 am, Maleeya woke with the same growing pains, off to get medicine. Once in bed she then wanted a drink… up and out of bed again. Then she didnt want to sleep in her bed. So she crawled into bed with me. After that about 6:00 am Maveric wanted a bottle and at 7:30 – of coarse all the kids were up running around!

Sarah doesn’t come home till – VERY – late tonight (Saturday) and one thing is for sure – I miss her. Now with my job I only work 6 days a month at the hospital. So I am home a lot to help and manage the kids. So I am used to it. But doing things all by your self can really wear you out! It is always fun to have her around. Our relationship is not one of those were you can’t wait to get the other out of the house for a break. Neither one of us really have any routine of daily or weekly social events away from each other. In fact the Aruba trip was our first trip away from all the kids, and this trip for Sarah is her first trip more then a day away from us. We both are always together, and always with our kids. It is tons of fun to hang out and just be close by. I can’t wait for her to be home tonight!

Also thanks to Ingard for keeping the site up and going with awesome postings!

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