My Favorite baby Bed every, if you have a baby with Reflux you have got to try it #BabyBed

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Fisher Price Easy Fold Baby bed, bed for babys with reflux worked great for us

I have 5 kids and sure wish I  had this Fisher Price Easy Fold Bed with all five of them.  I bought it because my baby was having re-flux issues and slept MUCH better when she laid at in incline.   I have to say hands down it is the BEST BED ever.  She slept so well in it, I also love that it is portable and I have been able to take it with me everywhere.  I even took it on day trips so she could nap, because she loves it so much.   I bought one for my sister, and she loves it too.  She just had baby #7 and she agrees it is AMAZING.  I am just glad I found it, and wanted to pass this info along to anyone looking for a baby bed.
Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘N Play Sleeper, Rainforest Friends

  • Ships in certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Easy to clean
  • Features gentle rocking action with a push from mom
  • Luxurious, soft fabrics to cradle baby
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Newborn Rock N Play Sleeper

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Sleeper and playtime seat in one
  • Deluxe fabrics and a plush newborn insert
  • Linkable clacker toy
  • Secure, three point restraint
  •  Easy to clean design with machine washable insert and pad


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  1. Fabulous bed. My daughter slept in this for almost 3 months. Fit perfect in our tiny bedroom when she was a newborn.

  2. Best bed ever for a reflux baby!!! This was the only way I got to actually put her down and get some rest!

  3. This saved us when our youngest was born. She had tortacolis which caused her to have sever reflux. This was where she slept for months. I was so sad when she grew out of it.

  4. I have to agree! My daughter is 3 months and I am so nervous about switching her over to a crib because it lays so flat. These are amazing and comforting for a new mom

  5. Perfect for babes who don’t want to sleep flat too❤️ none of us may have survived the 2nd and 3rd baby if it wasn’t for this product ;).

  6. Janae Coles I had one of these for Clara. Put this on your list of must haves.

  7. These beds were a life saver with my twins!! I would set the close together and over lap the bottom bar and I could rock both of them at the same time at bed time or when they where both upset.

  8. I agree! I have two haha I have the other one to my moms for when she babysits.

  9. Agreed. My little one naps in his rock n play. Then sleeps in his crib at night in Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit w great results

  10. Both of my babies used it until a year at least. My daughter turned 1 March 9th and still uses it to nap and sleep. It has straps so they can’t get out 🙂 these are life savers!

  11. And I’m reading reviews online of moms that used this for months because of their babies reflux issues & they said it helped tremendously!

  12. I wish this was around when mine were babies!! I had to hold them a lot because they could only sleep upright due to reflux.

  13. I just checked, it just says newborn on up! So you should be fine to use it as long as needed since she can be strapped in!

  14. I think once they can sit up or roll over you really aren’t supposed to use them for long periods. U0001f615

  15. Hmm…someone told me their kid over a year old still used it to nap in, but I honestly don’t know!

  16. I haven’t but I think you’re only supposed to use them until 5 or 6 months U0001f615

  17. Brittany Barbier Evans!! Have you tried a rock n play yet? Would be much easier to travel with than the mamaroo also!

  18. I have been using ours for 8 months and still highly recommended it… Love it. She will sleep flat too so I don’t think a transition is going to be bad. But she sleeps best in this as it seems to control her reflux the best.

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