My Valentine

hearTo my wife of almost 10 yrs.

Your are my best friend. The one I confide in. The girl who makes me happy. The Wife who welcomes me home. The companion that cheers me up and comforts me. The mother of our children. The teacher of our family. The example to me. My eternal friend, companion, partner, counselor, teacher, example, and love of my life and eternities there after. I LOVE YOU – Matt

Well wasn’t that a cute surprise.  Matt has always been so sweet, I thought about posting a “love note” to him but felt a little silly, so I did not do it.  I have been thinking about it for weeks, now I feel bad that I didn’t.  He never hesitates to let me and others know how me feels about me.  He always  makes me feel like I am the prettiest girl in the world, whether I am all dressed up, out in the yard working, sleep deprived and looking horrible, or have a huge pregnant tummy…me makes me feel that I am cute as a can be.

I still remember the day he walked into the car dealership I was working at.  I sure thought he was cute, but would never let him or anyone else know.  After being friends for a year, and realizing he had become my best friend, I finally agreed to go on a date with him ( He gives me a hard time, cause I told him no every time he asked before that).  I feel blessed everyday that I was not only able to marry my sweetheart, who I find just as cute now as I did the first day I saw him…..but also my best friend.  I honestly can’t wait for him to get home at the end of his workday, he is a wonderful Daddy, husband, and works hard to provide for our family.  He is turning our ugly “70’s house” into a beautiful home for our family.  But most important he loves me and makes me laugh.

So Matt once again thanks for all you do for me, thanks for never hesitating so show your love for me…..I love being married to you!  Love you-Sarah

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