New Rayovac Lithium Power Pack – best ever!

There is such a need for power in today’s world. Power in large and small quantities. Rayovac’s new Platinum Lithium Power Pack PS60 meets that need head on. Check out this review that shows the Platinum Lithium Power Pack and its features. You can also see a competitor unit that I have used in the past.

What I got to test was just perfect. The Rayovac PS60 has no moving parts. The competitors unit that I just got about two months ago, is large, very heavy, and bulky. There is no way you just slide it in your pocket. Also about two weeks ago I had to send it back after using it just once. The plug end of it that moves broke internally.

With the Rayovac PS60 there are no moving parts. You have the Lithium Ion Power pack, a carrying bar that hold the three adapters – micro – USB, a mini-USB, and an Apple charging plug. It also has the charging cable. You have one cable the adapts to them all. On the top side of the power pack there are two ports. One says “IN” which is to charge the actuall unit when plugged into a charging USB port like on your computer. Next there is an “OUT” which you take the power cord USB end and plug it into the PS60 and attach what ever charging plug you need for your electronic device. And your unit has some 6 hours of talk time for a phone!

If you are on the phone for six hours – You might of well set a new record! So this Platinum Lithium Power Pack the PS60 might even help you set that record!

You can find it at Walmart for about $15 bucks!!!! (In stores Monday 9/26/11)

Here are more of the features that were not included in the review.

Features and Benefits:
•Rechargeable Mobile Device Charger
•800 MAh Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Charges in 3 Hours
•Recharge PS60 by USB or your device wall plug
•Includes adapters: Micro USB, Mini USB, and Plug for Apple Devices
•Charge Cell/Smart Phone for 6 hours of Talk Time
•Recharge MP3 Player and iPod Nano 3X
•Compatible with cell/smart phones,  digital cameras, portable gaming devices and MP3 players
•LED Battery Gauge Indicators
•Colored LEDs: Indicate Charging Status

So stop by Walmart, starting this Monday and pick a couple up as stocking stuffers for your family and friends!

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