No tie shoe laces save your sanity on school mornings

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No tie shoe laces 3 pairs with free shipping options for just $10.99

Some kids really struggle with tying their shoes. My son struggled with it for a long time and finally mastered it at the age of 9.  It was a struggle every morning because we would run out of time and I would be scrambling getting everyone ready. These can be a sanity saver. Whether your child is just struggling to get it, has a disability that makes it hard, or just doesn’t like doing it, try these. These are so much easier and allows them to help get themselves ready too.

Not only are they great for kids but adults love them too. Especially if they run for long distances or in races. No one wants to trip over a shoelace that came untied.

EASY TO INSTALL:Quick installation and easy to use,One size fits all, 47” laces length easy to adjust with no tools required.Easily adjust shoe comfort using the locking button. Never tie, or suffer from untied laces again.
EXCELLENT FOR ALL SPORTS:Football, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Running, Hiking, Triathlons,outdoors, kids, seniors, and individuals with special needs.
SAFE AND COMFORTABLE:Elastic cords more comfortable than regular shoelaces, distribute pressure of laces evenly over your feet,High quality reflective laces provide great nighttime visibility. Added safety and comfort for eliminates the risk of untied shoelaces.
USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN:Very convenient for children, elderly and those with limited mobility – no need for tying shoes
LIFETIME GUARANTEE:Our guarantee is simple if you have any problems with our shoelaces we will replace it no questions asked. We only want happy customers! Purchase iSeeker now and rest satisfied that a great product is on its way! You’ll be thankful that you made such a great purchase. Spend a few more dollars and get the iSeeker guarantee!

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  1. this is just a brilliant idea!! My eight years old little man is definitely going to love this and it would be perfect to help him out!

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