Oreo Cookie Bats Easy Halloween Treats Video

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Oreo Cookie Bats, a fun and easy Halloween treat that is sure to make your family smile!  They are crazy easy to make too, oh and did I mention only 4 ingredients. Gotta love an easy recipe that is this adorable!

And check out our How To Video beloweasy-halloween-treat-ideas-fast-halloween-party-food-recipes-oreo-cookie-bats

Oreo Cookie Bats Easy Halloween Treats

How many of you have a Halloween party every year? Or maybe just watch a spooky movie and make some fun treats to share with your friends and family?  If you are looking for an EASY recipe that is spooky and cute then you are going to love these Oreo Cookie Bats. So easy that my 9 and 11 year old girls totally made these all by themselves.



First step, you will want to melt your chocolate chips or melting chocolate. I do this by putting them in the microwave for 15 seconds at a time. Take them out and stir them each time, until smooth and melted.  I melted mine in a Ziploc bag, and then cut the tip off the corner to use it like a piping bag.  Make sure your whole is not too big. This will allow you to have better control of your melted chocolate.

Next you will want to take the filling out of your large Oreo’s. You just need the cookie part not the filling. You will need 1/2 of the cookie (or one whole side) for each bat you make.  Once you take the frosting out of the middle, break each side in half. This will now become the wings to your bat.

Place  the wings of your bat face down on a plate. The rounded edge is the top of the wing and the broken cookie part is the bottom. Add some melted chocolate to the tip of each of these, and put a mini Oreo on the middle. The mini Oreo will become the body of your bat.  These will need to sit, and allow the chocolate to firm up or your bats will fall apart.  If you are in a hurry move them into the freezer and they will firm up, within just a few minutes.

Once the chocolate has cooled and the wings are secured to the bat body. Flip over your bat and add two drops of chocolate to the front and attach the candy eyeballs. Allow for the chocolate to harden and you are ready to eat your Oreo Cookie Bats!


Watch our How To Video


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  1. It was cute! But i kinda miss your quirkiness! You need to show your face next time with the finished product!

  2. Awe thank you… I am going to try and so more short videos if we good good feedback and views on them 🙂

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