Our dishwasher failed – Now what?

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Well many of our long time readers know we have recently moved this past year into an older home. Out side of a complete kitchen overhaul, and replumbing the entire house, along with tearing down 2 load bearing walls, wood floors, new sheet rock, new ceilings, totally new bathrooms through the entire house, we have been quite busy. Not to mention trying to do this on a budget. It has taken a bit longer then most people are used to. The reason why is that we have paid off the projects as we start them. The wood floors were paid in full and we did all of the work. They plumbing was paid in full, the cabinets have been installed in sections, paid in full. Same with everything else. On top of the the remodel process we have had to get new appliances first because our old ones that came with the house have slowly failed, after sitting for over 2 years in the bank-owned fore-closer  that we bought. Needless to say they were not expected to last long, but we were too busy spending our hard earned cash on the remodel and didn’t want to go spend over $300-$400 on a cheap entry model appliances. SO you ask how did we work around this?

Well Zach down at Complete Appliance has saved us many a times!

When we first moved in our Dryer broke – So we made a trip to Complete Appliance – We were able to get an older but better built dryer for a fraction of new one.. Plus it holds more.

Then our washing machine started making some crazy noises – Where did we go – Complete Appliance.  A quick simple fix of some bearings and we were in and out all fixed in less then 20 minutes.

Then the old fridge that came with the house would not get cold at all! Complete Appliance hooked us up read here

Then this weekend  our dish washer totally failed! It was black and I really wanted to get all stainless steel like our fridge. I called Zach up and he just happened to have a Fridgedaire Pro Series Stainless steel dish washer in stock. It was a show room floor model at a big name brand retailer… And they wanted to clear it out for next years models… And now I have it.

And guess what – it was only $150 bucks for an almost new Pro Series dish washer that new cost $989…It was marked half off at Complete Appliance because he wants to phase out the dishwasher sales to make room for more fridges and stoves.. So right now he has dishwashers marked way down!!! Plus all appliances have a 6 month warranty!


I asked Zach if it was ok to do a post on my blog about my thrifty deal.  (still good) Not only did he say yes but he wanted to offer all of you 10% off anything in the store, or  off of Labor, or Free Delivery a $25 value to the Nampa – Caldwell area. All you have to do is tell him A Thrifty Mom sent you.  All of his appliances come with a 6 month warranty you can click here to view his web site and read how to get a lifetime warranty. Remember that he gets new items in the store weekly, so it is always  a good idea to check back to see that is new in the store that week.  You may just get lucky like me! At the bottom of post click Print to print this post to bring in!

So thanks again to Zach for a very thrifty deal!

They just moved and I wanted to make sure that every one knew his new location! Its Huge!

6513 Cleveland Blvd, Caldwell, Id


Directions Click Here

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