Our Vacation – Seven Days at Sea – Part 2

So last week Sarah and I left our cold state of Idaho to fly a red-eye flight to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to go on a Carnival Cruise / conference! Ever since our trip to  Aruba two years ago she has had the idea that a cruise would be fun. When we were in Aruba we stayed in a hotel and had to fend for our self for food and activities. Two days into our stay there, Sarah said “We should go on a cruise because everything is include!”. I laughed because our entire marriage I had been trying to get her to go on a cruise with me. Well early this past spring a chance came up to go on a bloggers cruise. Needless to say I was the first to buy the tickets to go to it!
We booked a Carnival cruise for a 7 day, 6 night cruise on the Carnival Cruise Ship Valor. This is my second cruise, and Sarah’s first. Our itnerary was to leave Miami and head to Key West Florida. Then the plan is to have a day at sea and the next stop will be Grand Cayman island. After that our next stop is Montego Bay Jamaica and then another day at sea with our final day ending back in Miami Florida.

Carnival Cruise

So here we are directly after flying in to Florida, slept in a hotel lobby for a couple hours and just boarded the Carnival Cruise Ship Valor. Tired, greasy hair, and just enjoying the beginning of our vacation.

Then after an afternoon relaxing on the ship, showering and becoming acquainted to our new home for a week and a good night sleep, we arrived in Key west Florida.

Carnival Cruise in Key West

The first morning of our vacation we arrived in Key West Florida. The farthest most southern point in the USA. We had decided that that day would be a walk around the town to see the island. So early that morning we started our exploration of the island.

Oldest Home in Key West was built by sea captain and "wrecker" Francis Watlington

Oldest Home in Key West was built by sea captain and “wrecker” Francis Watlington in 1829. This is the view from the back yard. We took a break after walking most of the morning.

Oldest Home in Key West was built by sea captain and "wrecker" Francis Watlington

The kitchen house of the property was behind the main house. Everything inside is the original structure and items.

Next we headed back out to the fun wild shops where you can buy everything from jewelry to t-shirts to hats to :

Even a clean pair of underwear!

While we were out visiting the tourist shops, we stopped by the farthest south CVS store! We needed an extension cord for all of our electronics. We didn’t know that our cabin room came with one “american” outlet and one “european” outlet plug. So when you are bloggers you have a lot of electronics begging for power. So we stopped by the local CVS store to grab an extension cord.

Stay tuned for more posts showing all of the islands and things that we did!

Seven Days At Sea Carnival Cruise Part 1


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