1. You shouldn’t play around in the kitchen like that. You could get hair in the food.

  2. With you about chicken!! Can’t touch raw chicken you are doing better than me!!

  3. My sister pulled out a cigar from her purse in church when we were little after that our purses were checked before leaving the house

  4. Your whole family has great personalities, including the stubborn 2 year old. =)

  5. I have a love hate with chicken , I have to sanitize everything when done. Especially the counters after hit smashed them.

  6. Ughh I hate prepping chicken. I cut so much off, any little thing. I usually cook that portion for the dog. My house is just like this when I’m cooking. I have four kids and two lil ones, 18months and 5months.

  7. I think your lives are great because you have a real family and don’t pretend everything is perfect! ❤

  8. Throw the trimmed parts into your pot when your making stock … you can toss them in the freezer for later.

  9. Mayo is the best thing to use for a grilled cheese too … better than butter!!

  10. Just bought 40 pounds of chicken. Will try this with my family. Thank you

  11. You guys are simply the best family ever!!!U0001f600U0001f600U0001f600U0001f49cU0001f49cU0001f49c

  12. lol I started calling my kitchen the place were good intentions go to die U0001f602U0001f602

  13. Have you ever looked into getting you Chicken from Zaycon foods? I love them we buy Chicken in bulk from them

  14. Hiii watching you from puerto rico. im cooking for my family rigth now and i think this is for dinner tonight 🙂

  15. Same here. Glad to know I am not the only one. Grosses me out that clear stuff

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