1. My sister pulled out a cigar from her purse in church when we were little after that our purses were checked before leaving the house

  2. I have a love hate with chicken , I have to sanitize everything when done. Especially the counters after hit smashed them.

  3. Ughh I hate prepping chicken. I cut so much off, any little thing. I usually cook that portion for the dog. My house is just like this when I’m cooking. I have four kids and two lil ones, 18months and 5months.

  4. I think your lives are great because you have a real family and don’t pretend everything is perfect! ❤

  5. Throw the trimmed parts into your pot when your making stock … you can toss them in the freezer for later.

  6. You guys are simply the best family ever!!!U0001f600U0001f600U0001f600U0001f49cU0001f49cU0001f49c

  7. lol I started calling my kitchen the place were good intentions go to die U0001f602U0001f602

  8. Have you ever looked into getting you Chicken from Zaycon foods? I love them we buy Chicken in bulk from them

  9. Hiii watching you from puerto rico. im cooking for my family rigth now and i think this is for dinner tonight 🙂


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