Paulin is now part of the Big Jud Club

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Well if you haven’t heard of Big Juds you are missing out! They were recently featured on Man vs. Food on the Travel channel too!

When I (Matt) was in college in eastern Idaho, we would go to one of the original Big Juds. What is so special about Big Juds. Most would call it a hole in the wall burger joint. The cool thing about them is that they have awesome burgers! Not only that but they have two eaters challenges. One is the Big Jud Special. Which is one pound “after cooked” meat with toppings a basket of either fries or tater tots, and a soda.  If you can eat everything including the drink and fries you get your photo on the wall of the Big Jud Special winners. The other is the Double Big Jud. Which is the same except it has 2 pounds of meat “after its been cooked”.

So Paulin who my distant relative from France has been staying with us this summer. He loves cheese burgers and when we told him about Big Juds he wanted to try it. When we got there you should of seen the size of his eyes when he saw the first Big Jud Special come from around the kitchen!

He did awesome with the challenge. About 15 mins into it he was done with the cheese burger, except about 5 bites of meat that fell out, that he saved till the end. The difficult part were the fries. All of that starch and fry grease was hard on his European stomach. He got about 75 % of the fries down and he hit a wall. He had about 5 mins left in the 30 minute challenge and he told us that this was harder then his cycling races, and that he wasn’t sure he could finish.

Well he pushed through and finished it all. He got his photo taken and will be placed on the Big Jud Club wall. For the rest of the day he told us he was full and didn’t want to eat. It took him about 2 hours to get over the sick feeling. Good Job Paulin!

And yes he has eaten a cheese burger since then…

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