Pencil Wars – Drawing Game

Pencil Wars – Drawing Game

Hi there, it’s Katie! Ever Played Pencil Wars? It’s a fun and easy drawing game you can play with the kids. All you need is some paper and a pencil for each player.

We love fun creative games like this. There’s no real winner or loser and everyone gets to use their imagination.

How to play:

Everyone starts with a piece of paper and a pencil. Each person draws a simple landscape with a person/character/animal on it somewhere. Here’s what ours looked like…

We had a gnome on a hill, a man on an island, an alien in space, and a couple of characters in the desert.

You then pass your pictures to the next person in the circle. This is where it gets creatively fun. On your neighbor’s landscape you draw something that “attacks” their person/character. It could be a comet, a giant worm, big ants with crazy pinchers, a pirate ship, a big woolly monster, aliens whatever you can imagine a draw. But you can only draw one attack. Then pass it to the next person.

This continues until your original drawing comes back to you. Then you get to defend against each attack! We had men in black against an alien attack, ant spray, shields, boulder walls, rain clouds to destroy attacking suns and more! My daughter’s guy ended up flying away from the attackers, lol.

I recommend playing this game with 2 – 6 people. It’s fun to do with just the family or a small group of kids. My boys like playing it together and were so excited the whole family was playing with them last night. Here’s our end results!

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