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I just want to help every one who might need a link or wanted to reread a particular post. On the top right of our site you will see a box that says “Search A Thrifty Mom”. You can type in a key word or set of words and you can search our site for any topic or link you need.

I just want to help others, especially the readers who only read our site by way of feed or emails. We get a lot of surprised readers who didn’t know we actually have a site to read. Some think we just send out emails. Quite often we get questions like: can you please resend me the “such and such” link, or where can I find that recipe. I feel so bad that I can’t answer every email. When you get over 300 actual emails DAILY that are NOT spam, it takes some time to answer or even go through them all.

So if you are ever in need of a link or had a question about a topic, you can email us, but I hate to have our readers wait for a response. You can search for your answer inĀ  our search box to quickly find the answer on your own. But remember, we are here for you we just want to help you find the answer quicker.


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