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Coupon 101 and Extreme Couponing 101 Coupon Class - Save Money with printable coupons, and store sales with grocery shopping and coupon database. The most comprehensive place to discover, learn, and grow your couponing ability!

How to coupon at Walgreens ~ Saved over 90%

I did not coupon much this summer, but since the kids are in school it is time to get back into the swing of...

Couponing 101 – Don’t make checkers cry

Couponing 101 - Don't make checkers cry Photo: ABC news Couponing 101 Please follow simple basic rules for Extreme Couponing or even couponing every once and...

Couponing 101 – How to find the best Coupon Binder

When I started couponing years ago I thought I would get a coupon binder that looked very office orientated. It was a black fake...

Saved over $100 on Quaker cereal, we are set for the SUMMER!

Before coupons or sales this would have cost me $127.50  I was able to get it all for $26.02 ($23.07 plus $2.32 tax)  In case you...

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