Q&A – Albertsons Ad

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On today’s ad, there was a spread about the “Buy $10 and get $3 off” promotion. The items are divided into four groups according to price. Do you know if I have to buy items just within one grouping to get the deal? Or can I cross over into the different groups for one transaction? 
For example, if I want to get Taco Bell Fajita seasoning packets ($.70 with the promotion) AND Wheat Thins ($1.75 with the promotion) AND Angel Soft toilet paper ($2.33 with the promotion)… and other things to add up to $10…. does it work that way? I hope that made sense!


You are able to buy any group of these  items, that add up to the $10 mark to get your instant $3.00 off.  For example today I bought 5 of the $1.00 items and them bought 2  of the $2.50 items…for a total of $10.00.  Then the $3 came off instantly.  I do have to tell you to keep a very close eye on the $3 coming off, I did 3 transactions today, and on one of them it did not come off.  So the cashier had to check the items and them punch it in manually.   Hope that helps.

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