Q&A- Does Albertsons Accept 2 coupons on a Buy One Get One Free sale?

Some of you left comments this week saying that your local Albertsons would not let you use 2 manufacturer coupons on a buy one get one free sale.  It will not do you any good to say “A Thrifty Mom said I could”  …..so I am excited show you on the Albertsons site that you can in fact use two coupon on a BOGO sale.  I  invite you to arm yourself with their corporate  Coupon Policy, that clearly states you are in fact able to use a two manufactures coupons on a Buy One Get One Free In Ad Sale.  Keep it in your binder and if you ever have an issue, you will have the tools you need to save your family money.

Here are the Albertsons Twice the Value Coupon Guide lines

  • We allow 3 transactions in a row**
  • Customers may use a Catalina from the first order on the 2nd and 3rd orders
  • We accept all “Do not Double” coupons with TTVs (Twice the Value)
  • TTVs (Twice The Value) can we take them with another store coupon?
  • — No – TTVs say “store Coupon” on them and we cannot take them with another store coupon
  • –Example – 11/14 ad – Tillamook Cheese 3.99 on store coupon, can use a manufacturer coupon with this, but not a TTV coupon
  • Cash back will not be given for items
  • Can we take 2 manufacturer coupons on a buy one get one free promotion?
  • –Yes – one manufacturer coupon per item-even if the one coupon says free, or there is a big BOGO promotion

Thanks Albertsons for having a online coupon policy!  Helps take all the guess work out of what you can and can’t do….  I highly suggest you go on over to print this policy from Albertsons.com.

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