question-mark1Question: I am new to your site, and I have some questions. I saw you latest post on your grocery shopping trip. I am so amazed and the great deals you got. But how do you make a weeks worth of meals out of that Also, do you just keep a stash of all that cereal and body wash, or do you donate it? I’m assuming you get more than one copy of the paper to be able to buy so many of the same item?

Answer: As you follow my site, you will learn that I do not shop like a “normal person”.  I do go ahead and buy the things I am out of and need right away.  I try  to buy what is in season and on sale that week when it comes to perishable items like fruits, veggies and dairy.  BUT when it comes to items that have a long shelf life like, dry pasta, cereal, canned goods etc…  That is where I do shop a little different than most people.  I wait for a sale that goes along  with a coupon.  Making that item half off or more,  then I STOCK UP!  I look at the expiration date and think of how many my family can use before that date.  So one week I might buy a ton of cereal…..but I will not need to buy cereal again for several months or even a year.   I do have a large food storage at my house, most of the items have been bought at half price or even free.  I am then able to always have food on hand that was purchased at a Thrifty price.  It works for me, the more you coupon you will find what works for you!

As for the Question about the Sunday papers, yes I buy multiple Sunday papers to stock up on the coupons.  To read my post on how to get the best price on coupons and papers click here.

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