Random Confession ~ The Dentist Makes Me Want To Lie

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I was raised to tell the truth…. so I try my best to be honest.   But I am also a people pleaser and HATE to disappoint people.  Not that I am flakey I just don’t like to say things that might disappoint people I care about.  SO every six months when I go to see my dentist at Vinterbro Tannlegesenter for a teeth cleaning and checkup I get all nervous.  WHY? Well for one he is going to stick a metal skewer in my mouth to see if any of my teeth have given up and raised the white flag of defeat over the last 6 months. I just pray he does not find a cavity then jab the poker in and after I jump say “Oh sorry, is that sensitive?”  But most of all,  Because I know he is going to ask me the dreaded question….

Do you floss your teeth everyday, looks like you have a little tartar?

Well normally he says something like, so how you doing on flossing your teeth?  Instantly I feel like a little kid who did not turn their homework in…. And instantly I WANT TO LIE and say “I floss these sparkling white beauties every single day”.  I want to give him the answer he wants to hear…. I want the gold star of  a “perfect flosser”.

But instead of lying I go against the people pleaser part of me and tell him the truth…. “Well I get to it at least a few times a week”. Which is the truth but not the answer he is looking for.

Lucky for me my dentist rocks and has read a few positive parenting books over the years and always smiles at me and tells me to keep trying.  Just you wait one of these days I am going to walk into his office with a  sparkly “I flossed everyday chart” filled with smile face stickers and slap that bad boy down and accept my victory. And just my luck that would be the day he finds a cavity….lol 🙂 It is really important to see a dentist at https://www.gentrydentistry.com/ for a regular dental check up. Keep it as a habit!!!


  1. I have 5 kids and everytime we go to the dentist they have a cavity. It never fails. This onetime however the kids all wanted to have their own room. It was a fight in the car over who should have it over their sibling. As we were on the way to the dentist at the time I said OK ,whomever doesn’t have a cavity at their check-up today can have the room. Knowing in my mind that it would be know one problem solved. Well to my surprize they all had a clear mouth. HAHA I was so excited, but then I had five kids that wanted there own room….

  2. Cracks me up. Everytime I leave the dentist office with clean sparkley teeth I promise myself that I am going to floss everyday and the next appointment will be easier. Well that normally lasts a week! What is it with flossing everyday, it doesn’t take long and it is not painful, why don’t we just do it?? You would think the dentist gets tired of asking!

  3. I just tell the truth, that I am glad they send me notice over a week ahead of time. This gives me time to start flossing for a week before my appointment.

  4. Well, as a dental assisting student (about to graduate, YAY!), I can say that your dentist is probably thrilled to hear that you even know what floss is. They’re lied to on a hourly basis about flossing. Is flossing important? Very much so (esp. if you know how to do it correctly). You know what’s equally important? Brushing for at LEAST 2 minutes. Each tooth has 5 surfaces, the average adult has 28 teeth in their mouth, thats 140 spots to brush (plus the tongue). Did you know that average adult brushes their teeth for 29 seconds? That a little more than 1 second pr tooth!! Kinda something to think about

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