Rustoleum reflective spray paint safety paint

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Rustoleum reflective spray paint safety paint

Warmer weather is coming and that means more people outside. Biking, walking, hiking, running, parties, activities and reunions. With so many people outside there runs a risk of people bumping into each other. With so many more people out on their bikes or running in the streets, don’t go unnoticed! Make sure they can see you. Sure you could wear all white, or neon colors, but at night even those are hard to see. Now you can add a clear spray to the outside of your clothes, your bike, motorcycle, running shoes, helmet or whatever you want to spray with this clear safety reflective paint to glare at the drivers or other people coming at you. This clear paint when there are even the slightest light shining at it will glare a bright reflective light right back at the oncoming traffic.  Not only can you use it on your clothes or your bike or tires, but you can also spray your mailbox so it is easier seen at night, but looks completely normal during the day because it is clear. Use it for all kinds of applications, like spraying the clear reflective paint on your tint so you can see it when you are out hiking at night or had to go to the woods to use the bathroom and not get lost on the way back!

Rustoleum reflective spray paint safety paintRust-Oleum 214944 Reflective 10-Ounce Spray, Reflective


  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Ideal for driveway markers, mailboxes, light posts, fences, camping gear, bumpers, trailers, bikes and bike helmets
  • Fast dry dries to the touch in 30 minutes
  • Chemical resistance very good

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