Sad day!

7444-WiiFit1So we have been trying to loose some of the weight from the holidays. Along with that I always gain a few pounds when Sarah is pregnant. Along with her morning sickness I also get sick. It’s terrible. In fact that is how we found out she was pregnant with our first. Matthew. We were both so sick and I thought I better get her better first! So she went in and found out she was pregnant!

Well we have been eating less and better, and today I broke out the Wii Fit and started that up. The kids like to play it as well. Our little Maleeya who is 2 now got her character up to date. We weighed her in and things were great until… It told us her Wii Fit age. It was 27!

Luckly we blew right threw the teenage years, but I never got  a chance to save up for her wedding! This is no way to be thrifty!

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