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electicity savingsOne thing we wanted to do when we started our site was to have a place where families and people can learn and share things to help save money. We did not want to be just another “coupon” site. We wanted to promote all things “Thrifty” – and things that focused on being a mom and still being “Thrifty” too. Recently we received a comment asking for help to figure out how to save money on electricity.
One thing I have always wanted to do was to build my own windmill. I have watched so many youtube videos on building them, but still feel I am not quite there yet to try and build one. So what else can we do? Well at Costco they have the CFL bulbs – you know the florescent lights – the bulbs they have come in flood type lights that you see in ceiling can lights. We use a lot of those type of lights with all of the can lights that I have installed in our house. They have globe lights and also normal small lights that you can install in lamps.

Many wonder why the big fuss on switching to these type of lights. Well lets look at the numbers. According to this professional electrician near me at, if a normal old fashioned bulb is rated at 100 watts, the same brightness CFL bulb only uses 10 watts. So that’s 90% less energy used – which you can convert to money saved. Now if you compare the new LED light bulbs to the old fashioned bulbs – a 100 watt old incandescent bulb it the same as a LED that is only 1 watt!!! The thing now is that LED technology is still so new and still very expensive to buy bulbs for.

According to this electrician near me, another thing that you can do is check your wiring! Sometimes, this is the culprit to why you electricity bills are high. You can call professional electricians or visit website for more details on how they can inspect your home to see if you have faulty wiring. You may also view Barnett Electrical services if ever you need a panel upgrade. It is a very good investment to consider. (go to Aardvark Electric, Inc. ?). Additionally, if you need a car home charger for your EV, you may contact an expert in electrical car home charger install in Charlotte, NC for professional services for electric car charger in north bergen. You may read more about Gator Electric here if you need additional electrical services.

So here is our readers comment:
hello, along with coupons, your site is a money saver, thank you, I have been trying to save money in other areas as well. I have turned off the a/c and opened windows, washed dishes by hand instead of using dishwasher, and dried laundry on the line instead of dryer. Not an everyday occurrence, just to see if it matters. The one thing I cant seem to do is go without turning on lights when I walk into a room. Doesn’t seem that difficult but I have been trying to go one day, just one, without it. So far I haven’t, my next step is to take out light bulbs, that will help. I was curious if any other subscribers had tips or suggestions. It may not seem important but my whole house is electric so my bill is not cheap. Thanks your loyal follower

What are your ideas to help with saving on electricity?

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