So how much longer? – Update

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When I first posted about a special giveaway a few weeks ago we only had about 650,ooo visitors. We are now at 930,000.

What does that mean? Well in just a few more days we will be giving away some money! Not coupons, not a prize… Hard Cash. Stay tuned!

Its not going to be based on signing up to get our feed or emails, or how long you have couponed.

Its going to be a How can you use it to give back. I want you to start thinking about what, how, where, when you would either spend, grow, use, or give $100. TO HELP SOME ONE ELSE

Some one emailed me saying they felt weird about telling me why they deserve it…
Its not if you deserve it… its how can you help someone else with it…. Sorry it came out that way.. but I want to be able to have ideas thrown our way that will give every one ideas on how to help those around us. Granted we all feel the effects of the economy.. but to really enjoy and feel like we can make a difference in someones life will “pay” you much more in total rewards then just a hundred dollar bill will. If we were to just hand out $100 bucks.. to spend how ever some one wanted…. it would be spent and forgotten…. We wanted to do something special.. we want some ideas on how we as a group can help those around us. The person who can make this $100 expand and help a variety of people the best and the most efficient and thrifty way will win. Then we will have them tell us what they did and show pictures or video to us in return, so we all can fell good about being able to help others
This is only a SNEAK PEEK…. Don’t enter your ideas YET!

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