Tactical Ammo DIY Christmas Ornament ~ Perfect for the hunter or outdoors man #Hacks

Tactical Ammo DIY Christmas Ornament, perfect for the outdoors man, hunter, shooter in your life. Man or Boy Christmas Ornaments for those who love their gunGuns and ammo are not for everyone, but they happen to be a big part of my family so it is only fitting that this tactical ammo ornament finds it way onto our tree this year.   I figured I would post the idea since I know many of you would love to make one as well.  This would be perfect to remember your first hunting trip or completing hunters safety certification.  Of if you just happen to really like guns, this might be the perfect ornament for you.

To make this you will need:

Like I said before DO NOT use live ammo, anyone who has or is familiar with guns know this is only common sense…but  I just want to make sure you understand to only use empty brass/ bullets for this project.   I used the larger plastic DISC ornaments to allow for the larger bullet size, but you could always use the normal clear ornaments, you would just have to use smaller brass, like maybe a 22 shell.

Take the top of the ornament off,  put your pine branch inside, then add your EMPTY brass. If you got a large buck or something like that, you  could also add some of the details of your hunt on a piece of card-stock on the inside. Use some hot glue to secure the top back on the ornament. Wrap with jute to give it more of an rustic look, add a tag with the year  written on it attached to the top.

Hope you have as much fun making this project as we did.

Tactical Ammo DIY Christmas Ornament, perfect for the outdoors man, hunter, shooter in your life. Man or Boy Christmas Ornaments for those who love their gun and camo


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  1. What a moron. I suppose you don’t own a Bible or never read from one. Christmas isn’t a childs’ holiday at all. It’s the celebration of Christmas. Learn to educate yourself before posting and belittling another’s idea of a simple crafting idea to share with everyone. Sure everyone is entitled to an opinion but there’s no excuse for blabbering ignorance especially when there’s so much information on how to look up the true meaning of Christmas now days.
    SMH…..anyhow have a nice Christmas and I do hope your children don’t grow up to share your narrow-minded , uneducated views:)

  2. I just love love love this. We don’t hunt but we are avid target shooters and this is going to make a great Christmas project. Thank you for sharing

  3. Love this idea! I think it is unique and perfect for the hunter in the family.  Thank you for sharing this.

  4. I think it’s unique and creative and I just shared this post with my brother. He is retired marine corps and I could totally see him making one (or 10) of these ornaments 🙂

  5. When you live in small towns and have thousands and thousands of acres less then 20 mins away.. and when fish and game officers ask people to hunt the game to keep the numbers under control for the herds own benefit and health.. and it is cheaper to hunt a 200 pound deer, or a 700 pound elk or a 1000 pound moose your self, then it is to buy 20 pounds of meat from the store, and when your ancestors have personally done it for generations in the same area and you live in a state with less population then the metro area of chicago , and you realize an inanimate object can not hurt any one by itself, and that bad people dont obey gun laws.. hence the harshest and strictest laws in chicago still have one of the top 3 highest crime rates in the entire nation then you may understand… and when you live in a county that is in the top 10 for most guns owned in the nation and have one of the lowest crime rates you may understand… till then you have your choices we people who hunt have ours..

  6. Nope, I don’t buy it. And having a CHRISTMAS ornament celebrating it is beyond horrendous! End of story.

  7. Evangeline Valhalla thats fine… we all have choices.. sorry you feel that way.. spoons and forks hurt more people then any other object.. when hunting is a way to provide food for your family then maybe one day you will understand that just because a person has a gun doesnt make them a bad person.. wish you were open minded to those who rely on it to feed their children…

  8. I got my first deer last weekend! I’m 36 but was born in California to a non hunting family. Have hunted the last 2 years with my hubby and finally got my first deer. U0001f60a

  9. My son received a shell casing from my dad’s funeral. Thank you for a great idea!

  10. I love this idea!!!! Where can I find empty ammo/ shell casings for this project? Do you by chance sell these on esty?

  11. Godlessness has nothing to do with gun violence; violent people with guns have EVERYTHING to do with it, Teresa. Your post is every kind of ridiculous. This ornament has nothing to do with the holidays and is tacky.

  12. I think it’s a great idea for someone who finished hunters ed or went hunting for the first time. Maybe even put a tag inside saying what it was for. Not at all about violence! Great post A Thrifty Mom!

  13. I have to agree with Amy. The photo was a bit disturbing to me as well. Bullets have different meanings for everyone, sure. For me, all I see are school shootings.
    I’m not offended by the post, but I it did surprise me to see it.

  14. Love it Melody Still! And to the comment about promoting gun violence, guns aren’t the cause of violence any more than knives are the cause of stabbings, violent Godless people are! And this isn’t a child’s holiday it is a Christian HOLY-day.

  15. Amy Tinsky.. I know we cant change a liberal view. If you dont like it, it must be violent. Cars kill more everyday than guns, maybe you shouldnt drive your car on Christmas day! Since when is Christmas just for Children? it is really the celebration of Christ. People celebrate in many different ways. Some us enjoy getting a new firearm under the tree. It’s really simple, if you dont like guns dont buy one!

  16. disagree but not a place i really want to debate it. just thought it wasn’t something i agreed with and wanted to voice it. I wouldn’t prob hang hammers or knives on my xmas tree either. I do appreciate the blog though and hoping you’ll consider my opinion one that stands myself. Others can voice their own opinions. 🙂

  17. Memory Ross – you should make one for Chase and Keith. Didn’t Chase get his first deer this year?

  18. Amy I am pretty sure I will not able to change your view, but this is not about violence, Hunting to fill our freezer with meat for the family has nothing to do with violence…. would a fish hook ornament upset you? It is the same idea… memories created as a family.

  19. this is pretty horrific in my view. Christmas is especially a child’s holiday and even as adults do we want to promote gun violence on our celebratory tree? Not I.

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