The Original Tummy Tub – Natural Womb shaped infant tub

The Original Tummy Tub

Natural Womb shaped infant tummy tub

Tummy Tub infant bath
The Original Tummy bath Tub Baby Bath – Clear

  • Baby feels warm, safe, and relaxed within soft boundaries.
  • Endorsed by physicians, midwives and nursery professionals. Used in hospitals and birthing centers around the world!
  • As infants, Eases indigestion, gas, and colic while calming baby.
  • The ONLY tub engineered with an anti-skid base and low center of gravity to offer safety and stability.
  • Can be used for children up to 35 pounds. TummyTub stool sold separately.

The Original TummyTub is a unique womb-shaped and sized bath that eases baby’s transition from a familiar, safe place to an unknown world. Enormously popular in Europe, this alternative to the standard baby bath makes bath time stress-free for babies and parents alike! The TummyTub® can be used from the birth up to 3 years. The benefits are acknowledged in maternity hospitals and homes throughout Europe, and endorsed by physicians, midwives and nursery nurses. Babies naturally adopt the fetal position and it is amazing to see how quickly they calm and relax. The TummyTub is also the perfect green tub for babies because it requires less water, energy, and space and is completely BPA and toxin free, while being fully recyclable!


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  1. Haha that’s what I thought. When my oldest was a baby we lived in an apartment for like 2 months that didn’t have a bath only a shower we bought a large tote and make shifted a bath lol sounds ghetto but got the job done this reminds me of that

  2. It’s a bucket, they are dunking babies in a bucket. Someone is selling something previous generations used because they didn’t have baby bath tubs.

  3. I used one for my son and he loved it. Never cried. I sat on the floor with a towel underneath it and had no problem. His whole body stayed warm the whole bath time.

  4. As opposed to being scrunched in a belly? I think it’s a great idea!!

  5. Nah used my kitchen sink, worked just fine. Another gimmick to take our money

  6. My friend gave me one & it was a disaster. You’re supposed to put enough water to go to baby’s chest level, which I did. Baby decided she didn’t want to go & fought & I almost dropped her in the deep water. It traumatized us both & ever since, it holds her shoes.

  7. That just looks like a bucket that has been renamed in order to sell it at a much higher price.

  8. Seems like a very awkward position for a new mom…..and completely not possible for someone recovering from a cesarean. Plus that baby looks too old to be trying to keep the womb imprint. It’s really just a bucket right?

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