The simple things

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The world is so busy and so loud that sometimes we forget how important the simple things in life truly can be. I was working away on the blog and a link popped up on my tool bar and I thought I would click on it. It was an article on a cochlear implants. If you are unfamiliar with these devices they are basically a hearing aid that is implanted into the skull to electronically stimulate the inner workings of the ear to give the sense of hearing. Now it is not a clear and understandable sound. But it aides in the understanding of words and music melodies.

I bet most of us daily never think about our hearing and what it means. The music plays in the background, the kid yell at each other and we tell our kids good nite. All goes with out thought and appreciation.

I hope to bring a better realization to the precious ability to hear. Take two minutes watch these two cute videos and watch the persons emotions, excitement, and thankfulness to the new sounds they hear.

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