Three Words – One Story

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It’s Matt,

So I have never been know to be the best writer. I have always questioned the idea of having to go to English classes if I already knew how to read and write in English. Now that I have been taking french conversational classes and hearing about adverbs, past participles, and learning feminine and masculine nouns and their forms, I understand a little bit more on why I needed English class. But my mind works in the science realm. I took Human A&P III class in 13 hours. It was a hurry up and get done home coarse. I studied in the car, went into the test center to take a test, then repeated the process through out the day. I had to do this to get into nursing, and sparing the long story I still got an” A- “. English was a struggle my entire life.

In almost 1 or 2 emails or comments each week we get some English degree or editor type person critique us. Some nice and polite, and some quite rude. So to make sure every one knows that A Thrifty is a family blog that happens to help others with couponing.

So with that I thought I would pass on a great new site that is a collaborative of stories and writings by some friends I know. When you tire of both our non-degree English writing styles, then head over to Three Words, One Story and read some fun writings.

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