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Kristin S.
I can’t live without my swiffer duster or my microfiber cleaning cloths. My 3-yr-old also loves to use the swiffer sweeper and duster to help me around the house. I took some of the sections out of the swiffer sweeper handle, so now it’s just her size.
One of my favorite products for stain removal is Zout. I used to work in a restaurant and sometimes my uniform would get grease marks. I had been using Fels-naptha, but the stains were still there. I figured I would have to throw out the old shirts and buy new. One day my mom bought Zout and it took out old stains, even on shirts that had gone threw the dryer.
We have two little ones that share a room so that our third bedroom can be the play room. This helps to keep the toys out of the living room (which in turn keeps me sane).

We love the antibacterial wipes like Clorox. They’re helpful when cleaning up spots here and there. Pull it out, wipe it down and throw it away.

The organization tip that seems to keep me on track is checking in with the laundry each morning. I usually wash, dry, or fold and put away a load each day. It only takes a few minutes but keeps me on track. Then, when it is time to clean the house, I don’t spend the day doing laundry.
My fave trick with cleaning is to making it fun. I love playing music while I clean and my kids enjoy cleaning while we dance and sing. Another trick with small kids is making it a game. Their play room is my biggest pet peeve so I race with them to see who can clean the fastest. There is one rule though, and that is that everything has to go in its place. No hiding things or burying things under stuff or it doesnt count. They have learned everything has its place.

Clean floors at night and then you wake up to clean floors that feel like they last longer.
Dishes can pile up, especially when cooking but I have learned to wash as I go along and then the dishes dont pile up with what I used to cook


My husband I painted the outside of our house.  It needed to be primed and then painted as well. this was a long and hard job everything had to be done by hand (no rollers just brushes). of course we listen to music, raced, still trying to include our 3 small children. my husband thought 1 game should be  a paint fight, maybe didn’t really think about it but it happened;) anyway it was the primer, everyone knows paint is hard to get off but primer it’s almost impossible. we had church the next day and I was not about to go with the big white painted face. I scrubbed and scrubbed the paint was not coming off but my skin felt like it was. so we looked on internet 4 a answer. crisco, baking crisco?!?  I did not want to put it on my face because I did not want to break out acne all over. there was no way I could go to church the way I was tho. so I tried it rubbing it into my skin it came off like a charm afterwards I washed with soap and water. I didn’t break out with acne in my skin was so soft. since then I was talking to some people about it and they said they used it for their hands because there work required them to wash their hands alot so much that their hands would crack and bleed. this is a good thing for paint and great thing for people with dry skin. the nice thing is that it’s cheap, and a little goes a LONG way.


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