Aruba vacation part seven – The North Shore

So we got back from the vacation we won to Aruba, last Tuesday, and we have been sharing our vacation with you. In case you have missed our prior postings read more here:
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So Sunday afternoon we wanted to check out some sites on the less visited North side of the island. It is very windy and rocky on the north side. We were in a rush trying to get everything in before it got dark. And so we quickly stopped at a couple different sites.

We found this out cropping of rocks that were getting pounded by the ocean waves. I wanted to go down closer to the coast line to get some good photos. I headed down the rocks and turned back to see if Sarah was coming. She was all the way back up by the dirt road. She took a shot of me trying to encourage her to come down with me. The whole time all she could say was “Be careful” and “don’t get too close”. Even though the waves were crashing, we never even got wet.

On our way back up to the to the car, we noticed these piles of rocks. Once we noticed what they were, we saw they were spread out every where, all over the shore line. So Sarah turned and started her own little pile to place on the cost, as a way to remember our spot by.

Of course her’s is the one she has a rock over, and mine is the the little two rock pile on the left side.

Further down the road we visited the natural bridge site. The main natural bridge collapsed years ago but the smaller one pictured immediately below is still there.

On the right side of the photo below you can see the slanted slab of rock laying in the ocean. This is what remains of the larger natural bridge.

Back up the path, heading back into town, we stopped at Bushiribana Ruins. This was an old gold smelter, or melting building. It was located right on the coast and was built using old stone. It dates back to 1825, and produced some 3 million pounds of gold!

Sarah striking a pose in the door way to her castle!

We can’t say if we found gold or not. I guess if we suddenly stop posting and run off in to the sun set one day, you will know if we found a stock pile of forgotten gold.

More vacation stories and photos to come…

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