Thrifty Meal in 15 minutes

We updated this post on our more recent post: Teriyaki Chicken Over Rice

I posted this recipe about 2 months ago, it one of my families favorites.  This week at Albertsons the Mr. Yoshida’s Teriyaki sauce is on sale, as part of the Epic savings promo.  It is only $1.99 a bottle which is a really good price.  I am able to use one bottle to make 3 meals.  I just thought I would pass it on.

Thrifty Deals into Thrifty Meals

This is one of my family favorite meals.  The best part is, it takes about 15 minutes to make!

I was able to make this meal for my family of 5 for $3.75
That is .75 cents a person

Here is the price break down,

Teriyaki Chicken over rice

First start out by getting your rice cooking on the stove, it takes the longest to cook.

img_0717 Once you have the rice started, cut up your boneless skinless chicken breasts into thin strips across the grain of the meat.  Add a about 1 table spoon of oil to the bottom of your pan. Cook the strips  on medium high heat till just  done. ( do not salt them….the sauce is salty)  Then turn your heat down to medium low and add sauce. ( now start to cook your broccoli so it will be done the same time)

img_0722My families favorite teriyaki sauce is Mr. Yoshida’s, you can find it at Winco or Albertsons.  I found it on sale about a year ago for  $2.00 a bottle and I stocked up.  I use 1/3 off a bottle of Mr. Yoshida’s but I also add 1/3 of a cup of brown sugar and 2/3 cup water with a large table spoon of corn starch mixed into the water. ( make sure you dissolve the corn starch in the water, if you add it to the hot pan it will be all lumpy)


The corn starch will thicken as it comes up to boil…stir so it does not burn.  Then take off heat once it has thickened.

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