Thrifty tip….candy cane dust

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This weekend Mckeely my 4 year old daughter, and I spent lots of time in the kitchen making treats.  Every year I make a few treats that require smashed up bits of candy cane.  Normally I take a rolling pin or hammer and try to break up the candy…but tend to make a huge mess.  This year I got the idea to try to chop them up in my little coffee grinder that I use to grind spices.  I was not sure if it would work …but thought it was worth a try.


I broke up the candy cane a little, put the lid on, hit chop ……I opened it up and Mckeely giggled and said ” Mom you made candy cane dust”  It worked like a charm…. I was so excited!  It took me less than 5 min to chop the whole box, a job that normally would have taken much longer!  Maybe this is a trick that everyone already knew about?  But I thought I would pass it on…in case I wasn’t the only one out there beating candy canes with a hammer?

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