I’m no Daddy Warbucks


It’s Matt…I am concerned about how our readers are living, not in the sense of how big your house is, or what you did today, but about your financial well being. We received a couple emails everyday asking how to save money, or how can  get all the deals you do, you must be rich? Readers tell us they are unsure if they can afford a newspaper subscription.

I’ll tell you now that we are not rich, never have been, never will. In the past our family has struggled with where the next meal will come from, and wondered how in the world will we be able to keep our house.

A few things are for sure, we have never been late on payment, we have always had something in our stomach, and we have always put our family and our Savior first.

Every now and then these emails are heart breaking. I wish I had billions of dollars to help each person I meet. Every so often I seem to post on topics that come to my mind. Like awhile ago I posted on How We Budget and recently I did a Deep look inside to cut back.

I’m not sure what else I could write to help those I have never meet. I only wish you could be financially secure. I hope if you or even if you are not financially stable, that you would read these post I have link here and maybe there is something in your life you can change. Just like Daddy Warbucks changed to allow Annie in his life.

FYI Daddy Warbucks is from the movie Annie


  1. I met Daddy Warbucks, in the summer of 1987. I was a Hooker then and, he bought me dinner, and we spend the evening together talking at a resturant on Sunset Blvd. No Sex! I just ran across a note he gave me, *You are Very unusual but warm & sincere which works aginst your trade. I suggest you become a sports announcer. Daddy Warbucks* Just wanted to share what a kind man he was. I am old now, & treasure the past memories

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