Valentines fortune cookies DIY craft

Valentine fortune cookies, QUICK AND EASY craft idea. I have got to make these with the kids!!!

Make this years Valentines Day special without breaking the bank.

valentines cookies.jpg

Did you know you can make paper fortune cookies… for pennies!

Or FREE if you have extra scrapbook paper laying around like I do.

I just use a drinking glass to trace circles on the page.

The bigger the circle the bigger the cookie will be.  I

 find a 3 inch circle works pretty well.

valentines cookies.jpg

Write your love notes on a small strip of paper and place in the middle, you can fold it in half  to help keep it inside and not sticking out the ends.

Fold the circle in half, but DO NOT crease the end flat.

how to make a fortune cookie.jpg

Put your thumb and your middle finger on the ends, and use your pointer finger gentle press the middle inward.

valentines cookies.jpg

Place a small glue dot in the fold to hold it in place.

Easy at that you have some very  CUTE Valentines fortune cookies!

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Valentine fortune cookies, QUICK AND EASY craft idea. I have got to make these with the kids!!!

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  1. Wish I was still a room mother. No one could object to these homemade cookies.

  2. I believe that people need to be grateful she’s doing this and not add rude comments! !

  3. I will try it. But I’ll make the cookies bigger so maybe “wrapped individual candies” can fit. Jennifer Diecks O’Meara, I agree with u…. I wouldn’t let me kids eat the candies if it’s unwrapped also. The thought of someone actually touched it, doesn’t seem ok to me.

  4. So cute .. Going to make these but gonna mke them bigger so i can fit a chocolate or teo inside also U0001f600

  5. That’s DISGUSTING !!! My son’s school was the complete opposite- no store bought crap.

  6. Can we just take a second and replay that I’m pretty sure her daughter’s name is Keeli, keely, keelie. But it’s that!! Maddie Mechelsen Zhi George Emily Holguin

  7. Aw could you imagine having one of these and finding an engagement ring inside!!!!

  8. Think I’ll let kids in my Sunday school class make these and put a bible verse in it , they can give them out well someone just said what I said

  9. Going to make 14 of these and put them in lunch box daily!!! And in weekend and out in fridge or bathroom. Thank you so much for the idea

  10. Hi from Carmichael, CA! These are so cute! I will make them for my grandchildren!

  11. I love this idea to do it with your kids. They will always remember mommy spending time with them.

  12. Love this idea! Inexpensive idea. I think I’ll make them for my daughter’s marching band.

  13. Good night lady I love this thinking about doing it tomorrow while its super cold

  14. My brothers getting engaged for vday to his gf and I think it be cute stick his ring in it

  15. So fun. My 5yr old will love to do these for her class. We miss your mommy and me paint night.

  16. This would be perfect for my daughter’s father/daughter dance at school. They have it right around Valentine’s day.

  17. Here in San Antonio we can make stuff as long as the candy or food is unopened

  18. That’s cute. Very creative. Our son’s school is strict & we can’t hand-made our Valentine’s gifts U0001f614 Everything has to be store bought & unopened.

  19. Oh wow I can seriously have fun with this with my son and have his preschool teacher do it in school awesome cute

  20. I will have to look into those! Would be cute to give out for my daughters school party

  21. These would be so cute to get some Chinese food containers with the wire handle and put them in

  22. We’re usually the Ones who get all the white stuff but you’re getting hit hard there. Bet that makes the kids kind of stir crazy.

  23. Remember u taught us the troll pencils. I am going to make them for Valentines. My little sister is going to take them to school

  24. Hi from King of Prussia, PA These are cool, we may use these for our Valentines!!

  25. Totally doing this, but I’m going to put a Bible verse in each one!  After all, He loves us most!

  26. These are so cute!! I have scrapbook paper here & I’m going to TRY to make mine look as good as yours. 🙂

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