Veterans day postings

We have never posted on stories from our veterans. This Veterans Day (Thursday Nov 11th) we would love to hear from you who served and your family who have. So please send us your stories. Let’s hear from those who served. And those who serve from home as Military wifes or husbands or children of those in service or were in service. Send us your stories of the times you or they served. Get up make a call, send an email, and ask them to tell you why they the made the¬†sacrifice. When asked they might shy away from telling. This is the instinctive nature of many. ¬†They serve based on love, duty, honor, and do it because they loved our nation, our people, and your family. So give them a hug, tell them you would really like to know more. Make an effort to show them they will never be forgotten. That their service and sacrifice will live for ever.

We would love to hear from all! Even if you weren’t a child of a military parent, or maybe you never served but what to say something. Please Post here!

Thanks to all our Veterans, we love you and honor you!

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