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Professional Hosting from Just Host
It’s Matt. So we just switched servers, and we love our new hosting company. We signed up with JustHost about 2 weeks ago. We had to switch from Google severs on our Blogger platform to where we are now. We have had a lot of our readers say it’s faster now, and we think so too. JustHost is awesome. JustHost are a first class shared hosting provider who offer free domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and the ability to host unlimited domains. JustHost are committed to making web hosting simple and understandable for every user. Their customer service is fast and so friendly. We had to use it during the switch and they have free live chat to help you through the issue! We also used their services for custom web design and we cannot recommend it enough if you’re also looking to revamp your website. Oh did I mention they are one of the cheapest hosting companies out there! If you are looking into getting your own family blog, or a site to do your own thing, we recommend JustHost! Click here for more info, and to sign up.

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