We should all do this – What do you think?

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So we were in Idaho Falls this past weekend and Sarah had me make a run to Albertsons. (The one on Holmes and 17th). When I walked in I noticed something that I think we should all be doing. Now I don’t know the story behind this poster, if it was a party, or a function of some sort. In my mind I hope that some family wanted to just tell their local grocery store thanks.

So I think it is about time, that we all tell our local grocery store how much we love them… even if we need to pull this thanks from deep down inside of us.
People will tell you that if you say thanks, and show appreciation, even when there are those moments that we didn’t get along with cashiers or mangaers, that if we say thanks first and make it know then that next moment might just go alittle smother!

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