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It’s Matt-

I wanted to start off that way so that you wouldn’t get confused about who is talking here. There have been some comments and emails that we have gotten over the last couple of months that have showed a miss conception of our family.

We recently have had a few emails stating the surprise of how unhealthy we feed our children. These are from readers who really don’t know, and haven’t had my wifes cooking…mmmmm

The photos we show of our deals are the items we get for our food storage. SO the 15 bags of Hersey chocolate chips… yeah most are still out there in the freezer in our garage. And the soda and the chips, and all of the other “junk” food are still in the garage too.

If it helps I would be happy to lay out our daily meal menu, to show we eat probably more healthy then most American families.

Today РGrapefruit  and toast breakfast

Yesterday dinner – Italian baked chicken, with rice and pea’s

Lunch – home made chicken and dumpling soup.

See how we can do this is when chicken goes on sale… like it did back in the summer we buy ALOT. We have a tall full size freezer, AND a full size fridge with freezer on top in the garage, in addition to our fridge in the kitchen.

We have 70 lbs of all purpose flour. 100 lbs of salt. 50 lbs of sugar. 100 lbs of rice. 50 lbs of beef frozen. 60 lbs of chicken frozen. 100 cans of Campbells soup. 30 cans of chili, 30 qts of home made grape juice, 100+ cans for fruit, 20 boxes of frozen veggies, the list goes on…

I have done a little nonprofessional study and have found that kids love their veggies.. if you don’t feed them yucky baby food.

None of our kids ate baby food. You know the ones like mac and beef… or squash and carrots..yuck! have you tried them? We used baby food once as a Fear Factor event at a family reunion..

Way to be introduced to the eating world with yucky tasting food. They went from rice flakes to apple sauce to gently smashed peas, mash potatoes and mashed butternut squash.

If you ask our kids what their favorite food is:

Matthew will say Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, corn, green beans and potatoes. Oh and he loves tomatoes and salad. Don’t know how I almost left that out. He can eat more salad then every one in our family.

Mckeely loves broccoli, squash, chicken, beef. When she was young she would say meat and cheese please.

Maleeya – loves corn, potatoes, squash, broccoli. And for breakfast she prefers raisin bran over other “kid” cereals

Our kids will eat broccoli just as happy as they will eat ice cream any day of the week. So the point I am trying to make. Is that just because you see junk food or no meat or no potatoes, or no veggies doesn’t mean that we don’t eat them. You see we have a large food storage, and from what you see here is not what we have been using over the past months. Just because we didn’t buy chicken to eat this week or next, doesn’t mean we didn’t have any. We don’t need to buy things if you have them in storage. We have boxes of steam fresh veggies that you warm up in the microwave. Those Brussels sprouts are really good with some cheese.

In the summer all we eat for dinner is fruit and veggies from our garden. Its hard to eat sugar items in the heat. And we also tend to cut back on meat as well. It’s just too hot to cook. Our family will sit down to a dinner of watermelon, and cantaloupe.

So remember Food Storage is the key. We use our food storage, we put bulk food in our food storage. We save money using our food storage.

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