Yard sale treasures ~ Am I the only one that has yard sale anxiety?

yard sale finds

I am not a huge yard sale shopper, some of my friends hit the sales EVERY Saturday morning rain or shine all summer long.  They score some awesome deals.  BUT I am more of a hit or miss kind of gal, if I happen to see a sign and I have time I will pull over.  I always wear my sunglasses that way I do not have to make eye contact with people….. why?  Because I always feel weird looking at other peoples stuff.  Am I the only one that has yard-sale anxiety lol.  If I find something I want great… but it comes when I stop and don’t find anything I want. As I turn to walk away  I feel bad, I feel like I am saying “sorry you junk stinks”.

I try hard to only buy things that I have a purpose for, or know exactly were to put it.  So I don’t end up on the next episode of hoarders.  This weekend I bought 3 things, the street behind my house was having a neighborhood yard sale.  I did not even get over there till about noon, but I was still able to find a few great deals.

Working water feature, pumps water down the front to create a soothing water sound.  Came with a light, it was really dirty but cleaned up great.  I bought it for my Mother in Law, she loves the sound of running water so I thought she might like it.  Well worth the $1.

Three foot wire strand of red beads, was a steal of a deal at only $.25.  I put it behind my bird on the hutch I made for my kitchen.   It gave it a little punch of color it needed.

Last but not lease, a bunch of fake fruit for $1.00.  Yes I know maybe a bit tacky but the glass fruit I use to have in this bowl keeps getting shattered on the floor thanks to my children.  SO fake, foam fruit it is… till they are a little older :).

Did you go  to any yard sale this weekend, did you find anything good?


  1. I love to garage sale! As for negotiating, remember that something is only really worth what someone else is willing to pay, so if no one has come along yet willing to pay what they’re asking, they should be willing to entertain an offer. If they don’t take my offer, I may or may not still buy the item. I also always say “Thank You” when I leave. It makes me feel less like I turned down their stuff and more like I’m telling them I appreciate their work in putting the gsale together. As anyone who has had a garage sale knows….they’re a lot of work!

  2. I am the same. I can dicker over a quarter item with a perfect stranger but hate going to a friends sale because I feel as though I have to pay full price. My dicker ability goes out the window… and therefore the fun of the “hunt and kill.”

  3. You are not alone, but know that it wears off with time! The more you go, the less you’ll feel bad about leaving empty handed. Something I’ve found that helps with that is, as I’m leaving, say something like, “Well…thank you. Good luck with your sale ~ have a good day.” It creates a little bit of conversation and allows them to basically tell you good-bye, making it much easier to leave.
    I used to not like to stop if I was the only one there, but I’ve found that I seem to be an attractant: when I stop, lots of other people come behind me. Leaving is easy when there’s a crowd!

  4. This is so me, I have even pretended to be having a conversation on my cell just to get out of there quick.

  5. Finally, a diagnosis! LOL. I thought I was the only one who feels really bad when I turn to leave and haven’t bought anything. Usually I will grab the cheapest thing they have (.25 or so) And leave and I always wish them luck in selling everything 🙂

    • I love yard sales and try to go every saturday. I don’t have a problem leaving empty handed, but i do have a problem buying anything if i know the person having the sale. I don’t care what great bargains there are, it is just too awkward for me to bargain with someone i know. I just make polite conversation and leave. Anyone else have this problem?

      • I’m so glad you found some things, Sara! Success! Once you start to find a couple of things, it gets way easier to “get in” and “get out” and feel comfortable about it. I agree with everyone’s comments. Keep going!!!! Your best treasure is still out there to be found.

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