You are robbing from the store

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I wanted to share a part of Sarah’s coupon class that she does. (Next class is coming up soon, check your Idaho Statesman Sunday Life section page C2 for the day and contact to RSVP)

robI wanted to make sure everyone was aware of why stores coupon, and why manufactures put out coupons.

Stores are:
Reimbursed the full face value of coupon
You have a .50 cent coupon – the store will get paid .50 cents from the manufacturer
Plus .8 cents for each coupon for processing
But it only cost them about .4 cents to process the coupon
So they make an additional .4 cents per coupon
It may not seem like much but nation wide it is a huge profit

Some people including cashiers have said that some one must “lose out” when a shopper uses coupons
Manufacturers mark up products to pay for advertising and marketing
Coupons are just another way to “market” their product.
Do you feel bad watching the Super Bowl knowing the company pays a couple million for a 30 second commercial?

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